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Cannabis Industry Fundamentals

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Cannabis Industry Fundamentals online courses

Value Bundle - 1 Course for $50 OR 3 COURSES for $125.00!

Whether you are transitioning into this industry from another sector or are simply interested in developing the skills to build a career in the cannabis industry, this 3 course bundle is for you! Get the training you need to build a strong foundation of knowledge to make your mark in this growing industry.

Achieve a passing grade of 80% or higher on each course quiz, and we will issue you a Certificate of Completion (per course) -- a valuable addition to your resume, social media profile or any list of professional qualifications.

Introduction to cannabis

The name says it all! This course is the perfect springboard for everyone from cannabis novices to experienced users. Newbies and veterans alike will benefit from this broad approach to the exciting world of legalized cannabis. With roots in the origin and history of prohibition, our course traces the worldwide trend of softening regulations on recreational cannabis usage-- as well as the related industries, jobs and products. Students will move on to learning about Canada’s laws and the different rules defined by provincial, territorial and municipal jurisdictions.

With a strong foundation in place, this course focuses on the titular plant, its biology and the many products of varying strength. Following a survey of dosage, consumption, tolerance, onset, effect, duration, impairment and the associated risk, our course concludes with a breakdown of how cannabis is commercially produced, publicly marketed and directly distributed.

Cannabis Industry Orientation

This course is a great place to begin your journey into the many facets of the “green rush” and the industry that’s emerging from it.

Students will begin learning about the introduction of the cannabis plant to Canada, as well as the complex history it has had since then. Once caught up to present day, we will explore the aspects of the newborn cannabis industry and how it differs from and improves on the prohibition model. Through this you will learn about best practices, structured environments, security requirements, quality assurance, sanitation regulations and many more characteristics of the industry. As regulated cannabis sales is on the cutting edge of technology, Cannabis Industry Orientation will also review the diverse software with which you will be expected to work-- including but not limited to point-of-sale and inventory tracking.

Art of budtending

Budtenders are the public face of the cannabis industry, both catering to the knowledgeable and guiding the uninitiated. Whether you are an expert or a novice, this course will expand your own familiarity with cannabis growth, curation and use. Additionally, you will learn best practices, ethics and legal requirements expected of you on the front lines of this new market. This course takes you from basic service principles, like greeting and getting to know your customer; to more advanced techniques, like closing a sale or promoting add-ons.


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