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U of C BUS 621 - Organizational Drug and Alcohol Policies: Are you ready for Cannabis?

Course Description

If you are responsible for your organization’s drug and alcohol policy and are wondering how the upcoming legalization of recreational marijuana will affect your workplace policies, then this is the course for you. Students will do a deep dive into your organization’s drug and alcohol policy to ensure it is cannabis compliant. Students will leave with a new draft of your organization’s policy and with an understanding of the business processes for managing medical and recreational cannabis disclosure. This seminar is presented in collaboration with Cannabis at Work, a human resource consultancy and staffing agency focused on the cannabis workforce.

We strongly recommended that you take BUS 620 Managing Cannabis in the Workplace before taking this seminar.

Course Details

By completion of this course, successful students will be able to:

  • Define policy best practices and gap analysis

  • Examine policy samples

  • Analyze process flow charts

  • Recognize what is needed for a policy rebuild

  • Develop a change management plan


Certificate for Frontline Leaders - Seminar Category Leading the Business Operations

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18 yrs+ in Alberta or Quebec and 19 yrs+ in all other Canadian provinces and territories.