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Reasonable suspicion & impairment awareness



reasonable suspicion & impairment awareness for employees

As an employee, you may already have the training to judge impairment on the job-- both in yourself and others. Impairment occurs in a wide range of circumstances, including the use of alcohol, recreational cannabis or prescription drugs-- even too little sleep! You may not be entirely clear on your role in these situations, but our course on Reasonable Suspicion and Impairment Awareness for Employees will give you the necessary tools.

Students start with an introduction to modern workforces, providing an understanding of how we are impacted by substances, their use, and contemporary trends. Recreational and medical standards will be introduced, focusing on employer and employee liabilities, responsibilities and rights. Our course will also describe modern alcohol and drug policy-making, specifically the employee’s role in knowing how and why they are enforced (as well as reacting to changes). Students will explore why, when and how drug testing happens, as well as how to handle the consequences of both passed and failed tests. The course also introduces ‘reasonable suspicion’ and details the scenarios where an employee may need to document or report impairment or suspected impairment in the workplace.

If you have been prescribed drugs, including medical cannabis, it can have unexpected side effects or even prevent you from doing your job safely-- students will learn both how to seek accommodation and how to accommodate others. Our course is designed to create a more sympathetic and synergetic workforce across all industries.

Once you achieve a passing grade of 80% or higher on the course quiz, we will issue you a Certificate of Completion-- a valuable addition to your resume, social media profile or any list of professional qualifications.


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