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Reasonable suspicion & managing impairment



Reasonable suspicion & managing impairment for supervisors

As a workplace manager or supervisor, you may already have training to observe or identify possible cases of employee impairment on the job. Impairment can happen for many reasons: alcohol, recreational cannabis, prescription or illegal drugs, even lack of sleep! It can be difficult to approach each situation with confidence, but our course on Reasonable Suspicion and Managing Workplace Impairment for Supervisors will give you everything you need.

Students begin with a survey of contemporary trends across all industries, giving them a sketch of how the modern employee understands and is affected by substance use. Both medical and recreational regulations in Canada will be studied, specifically in relation to employee and employer rights, responsibilities and liabilities. Students will also come away with detailed knowledge of modern drug and alcohol policies, as well as how to review, update and implement them successfully. How, when and why to drug test will be covered, but the course will outfit supervisor and managers with crucial tools for handling the results of a test (both passes and failures). The concept of ‘reasonable suspicion’ will be introduced and students will have a greater understanding of when to trigger the processes explained in the course.

Ultimately, drug use in the workplace may need to be accommodated in the case of medical requirements. Prescription drugs, including medical cannabis, can have unintended side effects-- so employers should work to create an open line of disclosure free from judgment. Our course will give you the necessary building blocks to create a welcoming environment for employees with these medical needs.

Once you achieve a passing grade of 80% or higher on the course quiz, we will issue you a Certificate of Completion-- a valuable addition to your resume, social media profile or any list of professional qualifications.


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