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recreational cannabis awareness for employees


recreational cannabis awareness for employees

Canada’s legalization of recreational cannabis should be clearly understood before you make any choices about consuming before or during your work hours. In fact, employers are still legally allowed to enforce zero-tolerance drug policies even when you are off the clock. If you are well-informed, this should come as no surprise-- consider how drinking alcohol on the job is regulated. While some of this responsibility falls on employers, our course on Recreational Cannabis Awareness for Employees will give employees a detailed understanding of the workplace consequences of cannabis use.

Starting with a foundational understanding of impairment, this course details the many ways recreational use of cannabis could put your job at risk. Students will survey general guidelines and drug policies, giving them a working knowledge of how they are instituted across industries. Drug testing will be covered, including the rights of both employer and employee as well as the consequences of failing a drug test (and other ways you can be held accountable for violating your employer’s drug policy). If you use cannabis recreationally and are regularly employed, do not overlook the potential liabilities you or your employer could incur if you are unaware of the possible outcomes.

Once you achieve a passing grade of 80% or higher on the course quiz, we will issue you a Certificate of Completion-- a valuable addition to your resume, social media profile or any list of professional qualifications.


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