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We have a database of 10,000 qualified cannabis candidates that we will put to work for you.

We provide salary recommendations based on our Canada-wide cannabis industry Salary Survey.

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A bad employee costs a company $25,000+

According to Forbes and Business 2 Community, hiring the wrong person can cost a company anywhere between $25,000 - $50,000.

Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh once estimated that he’s spent well over 100 million on bad hires.

Don’t throw your time and money away on a bad hire. Let us do it for you.

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How does the recruitment process work?


Step 2: We attract candidates that fit that role.

A search strategy is then initiated that uses multiple channels to attract candidates for your role. Our extensive database of experienced cannabis professionals is our first point of contact and is one of the reasons why we can turn roles around more quickly than our competitors. We also use a combination of paid advertising and active networking to attract top talent.


Step 4: We interview and select the candidate for you

Cannabis at Work makes the interview process easy for you by scheduling interviews between you and candidates of interest. We will assist in the development of an interview guide and if requested, participate alongside you in the interview. We will support you through debrief, decision-making, and the offer process.


Step 1: We help you define the role.

Cannabis at Work will meet with you to gain an understanding of the organization’s culture, values, and strategy. We will determine the experience, knowledge, skills and abilities required by the successful candidate. This information will be used to develop the job posting and search criteria. We strive to understand how the role helps the organization achieve its objectives to find the best-suited candidates.


Step 3: We assess those candidates.

All candidates are screened and vetted. We perform a thorough resume review and preliminary interview with candidates that meet the position requirements. We’ll be in touch regularly during this process. We conduct a more extensive second interview with promising candidates and the successful candidates are then presented to you in a short list for review.


Step 5: We help you integrate that employee into the team.

Our relationship doesn’t end there! We maintain communication with you and the candidate in the first crucial months of employment. We will provide feedback to you or the candidate, as needed, during the integration process to ensure a successful on-boarding.



What are other companies saying?

Cannabis at Work was able to source one of our most valuable and knowledge employees on a very short turn around. In fact, they provided 3 highly-qualified individuals with existing credentials in an industry where few exist. I highly recommend CAW as the go-to source for HR in the space. Always a pleasure working with the team. Thanks CAW for the assistance!
— Terry Kulaga, Co-Founder, Weed Me Inc.
Our hiring experience with Cannabis At Work was exceptional. Our situation was unique and the team stepped up to the plate and delivered.
— Karin Studer, Chief Operating Officer, Toronto Herbal Remedies



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