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Ample Organics is the world-leading seed-to-sale cannabis technology company that provides tracking and reporting software for 70% of Canada’s cannabis licence holders.

We are now offering access to AmpleLearn, an education platform that is your gateway to Ample Organics. As a Cannabis At Work student, you can become an expert in the platform that powers the global cannabis industry!

Enhance your cannabis education and your resume—earn Teal Certifications that will help you become a competitive prospect for employers when entering or advancing in the industry. Specialize in cultivation, client services, quality assurance, inventory management, administration, or master all of the courses and become an Ample Organics Champion.

We are pleased to offer Cannabis At Work students a 25% discount on all certifications within the AmpleLearn platform. Visit to access AmpleLearn and use the code CAW at checkout to take advantage of this special pricing.

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18 yrs+ in Alberta or Quebec and 19 yrs+ in all other Canadian provinces and territories.