Legalized Marijuana is Coming to Canada

The Liberals have promised to legalize marijuana. Medical marijuana is already legal with a prescription. Full legalization would likely mean that recreational use would be allowed too.

So what does this mean for Canada?

A new, green industry – the marijuana industry is rapidly growing. It has been called the “green rush.”  There are new innovations and businesses emerging daily.

Jobs – simply put, the marijuana industry will generate jobs. These are jobs we know (accountants, marketing managers and human resources professionals) and jobs we will be introduced to through this industry.

Here are some job titles that you will start to hear about when cannabis is legalized:

  • Budtender – customer service employee who works in a dispensary and is knowledgeable about cannabis.
  • Dispensary Manager – manages a retail shop that sells cannabis and accessories.
  • Master Grower – Experienced and knowledgeable about cannabis growing. Often have a horticultural background.

Tax dollars – a legal, regulated marijuana industry is highly lucrative. Tax revenue is reinvested back into government programs and drives the economy.

Colorado has had a regulated marijuana industry since 2014. The state has made over $100 million dollars in 2015 to date. Cannabis is makin’ it rain.

Accommodation of medical marijuana use – The use of medical marijuana is already on the rise and will increase with full legalization. This will require adjustments in how employers write drug policies and will require them to accommodate cannabis as a prescription drug. 

Social acceptance – a regulated industry will lead to more use and acceptance over time.

Growing social acceptance is one of the reasons attributed to Colorado’s surge in cannabis revenues. People who wouldn’t have used cannabis when it was illegal are now willing to try it because there is no risk of criminal prosecution.

Legalization of marijuana would be a big step for the country. It will undoubtedly come with some growing pains but the tax revenue and job creation are a big upside of the change.

Can we see some ID?

Are you of legal age?

18 yrs+ in Alberta or Quebec and 19 yrs+ in all other Canadian provinces and territories.