We’re Going To Need More Desks (And Other Thoughts On Scaling A Business)

It’s the middle of January and I find myself scrolling through the online Ikea catalogue looking at options for desks. We had plenty of room when we moved into our new space at the end of October. Now, I wonder if we are going to have enough spots for everyone. These are the practical realities of scaling a business experiencing exponential growth.

As the cannabis industry expands and adds an estimated 150,000 jobs in the sector, we are ALL going to need more desks, both literally and metaphorically. We’re also going to need to scale our processes, policies and procedures to keep up with the increased demands on our organizations. This is top of mind for anyone running an operation in this space, especially those tasked with managing the HR function. The need to onboard effectively, to align cultural fit when companies merge or are acquired, and to make sure we attract and retain great people are all key strategic initiatives. There will be a talent war for great people in the cannabis space. It’s our job to ensure our organizations have and keep the best.

This is an exciting time for the cannabis industry, but at times, it can also feel overwhelming. Those of us who work in this industry understand all too well that time moves much faster here. A week equals a month, a month equals a year – such is the pace of the industry. Heading into 2019, I think about pacing for myself and our team. We need to build an organizational culture that is both sustainable and scalable while managing hyper-growth.  It’s not an easy task for any of us, but it is kind of therapeutic to share the journey. We can learn so much from each other.

Now back to ordering those desks,


Katrina Ingram is Chief Operating Officer with Cannabis At Work. She values a good desk because its where she spends most of her waking hours. Connect with her at katrina@cannabisatwork.com

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