5 Ways Budtenders Will Keep Canadians Compliant With Cannabis Regulations

The Cannabis industry is highly regulated, and it is important that budtenders follow all the applicable laws and regulations. Here's 5 ways they'll do it:

1.    Check ID
Each province and territory will have their own minimum age restrictions on consumption although no province can lower the legal age below 18. Budtenders will be required to check government issued ID to make sure they are selling to customers of legal age.

2.    Maximum of 30 grams of cannabis per customer
As per the federal government, adults can possess or share up to 30 grams of legal dried cannabis or equivalent in non-dried form.

3.    No cannabis consumption in a dispensary
After buying cannabis products customers will not be able to consume their purchases in the dispensary. Most provinces and territories will allow people to smoke cannabis where tobacco is smoked and/or on private property and private residences.

4.    Follow government regulated hours of operation
Just as liquor stores have certain hours that they are able to operate cannabis dispensaries will follow the same regulations.

5.    Dispensary staff will undergo a background check and complete a responsible selling course
Not all provinces have released the details of their legal frameworks for dispensary staff, but most dispensary operating rules will be similar to those currently in place for liquor and require staff to clear a criminal background check and complete mandatory safe selling training.


Can we see some ID?

Are you of legal age?

18 yrs+ in Alberta or Quebec and 19 yrs+ in all other Canadian provinces and territories.