Cannabis Retail Interview Questions

At this very moment, hundreds of entrepreneurs across Canada are preparing for the day they can legally sell recreational cannabis in dispensaries. There are many crucial aspects of starting a new retail business and hiring the right staff is one of them.

We have compiled some interview questions that can be used by employers when assembling the best team of staff for their dispensary, or by employees looking to secure employment at one of the many cannabis dispensaries that will be hiring in the next few months.

1.    Describe your philosophy towards customer service.
Customer service is just as important when working in a cannabis dispensary as it is in any other retail environment. Providing each customer with an excellent experience when they come into a dispensary is the key to success. Finding out what the customer needs and meeting those needs turns one-time customers into regulars.

2.    Tell me about a time you managed/de-escalated a tense customer situation.
Not ever customer that comes into a dispensary will agree with legalization. Additionally, despite your staff's best efforts not every customer will be satisfied. Listening to their concerns in a calm and respectful way is one way to de-escalate a tense situation.

3.    Have you ever worked in a regulated environment? Explain.
Dispensary staff will be required to follow government regulations including minimum age to buy and maximum amount to possess. They'll need to understand the importance of upholding these regulations.     
4.    What is your interest and/or experience with cannabis?
Staff should have a passion for cannabis and some knowledge of cannabis strains, accessories (pipes, vaporizers, etc.) as well as the wide range of concentrates. If employees are not familiar these products they should show a willingness to learn because this information is essential to providing a positive experience for retail cannabis customers.

Can we see some ID?

Are you of legal age?

18 yrs+ in Alberta or Quebec and 19 yrs+ in all other Canadian provinces and territories.